Obtaining AMUSE


Go to the downloads page.

Getting started

The first step in getting AMUSE to work is obtaining the AMUSE source code. We advice you to do this even before installation of the prerequisite software (Installation of the prerequisite software). In the following installation instructions we assume that you will install AMUSE in a directory /amuse.


For the official releases we provide tarballs and subversion repository access (you need an account for the latter).

Need an account?

You can find us on google groups, http://groups.google.com/group/amusecode or on IRC at the #amuse channel on irc.freenode.net.


Obtain the tarball (e.g. amuse-11.0.tar.gz) from the download-site and unpack it in the amuse directory using:

> tar -xf amuse-11.0.tar.gz

this will make an amuse sub-directory amuse-11.0, which we will be referring to as the AMUSE root directory, e.g.:

+-- amuse-11.0
    |-- bin
    |-- build.py
    |-- configure
    |-- cuda_self_help
    +-- data
    |-- doc
    |-- lib
    |-- Makefile
    |-- MANIFEST.in
    |-- README.txt
    |-- sandbox
    |-- setup.py
    |-- slowtests
    |-- src
    |-- support
    |-- test
    |-- test_results

From here proceed by reading the Installation of the prerequisite software section.

Bleeding edge

The current development version is available via subversion repository access by issuing the following command:

> svn co http://www.amusecode.org/svn/trunk amuse-svn

This will make an AMUSE root directory with the name “amuse-svn”.